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This week, our Kids Camping Breakdown takes us to the foothills of Mt. Hood, just east of Portland, Oregon!

Trackers Portland

Who Owns Camp or Program:

Trackers Earth 

Camp Values Statement

Taken directly from their website:

“Trackers Earth offers award-winning summer camps. Parents know us as one of the best and most engaging camps in Portland. Our day camps introduce your child to guided outdoor adventure, fantastic stories, and new friends. Our overnight camps offer authentic traditional skills, team building, and outdoor leadership.

“The Trackers camp counselors are fantastic. Great, creative energy that really engages the kids’ imagination. You can tell they love this just as much as the kids.”—Robin Maloney, Parent

Top 6 Reasons to choose Trackers

Safe Camps

Our priority: Care for your child. Trackers Earth sets the standard of safety for outdoor camps in Oregon and beyond. Many camps look to us for best practices in teaching skills to children.

Old & New Friends

Campers return time & again. Your child makes new friends during fantastic adventures. Our professional educators foster teamwork through all summer camp activities and curriculum.

Legendary Locations

Our camps journey into the wilderness. We visit both public parks and our exclusive private sites—where kids can be kids: Adventuring off-trail, making forts, enjoying campfires, and more!

Fun Skills

Years of experience offer the best curriculum. Real skills such as archery, fishing, survival, role-playing and more. Original themes like Wizards Academy or Wilderness Survival.

Excellent Staff

Experienced educators teach authentic skills. Our training is highly respected in the field. Chosen through intensive interviews and background checks, the maturity of our staff is unparalleled.

Best Hours

Trackers offers one of the longest camp days in Portland. Flexible check-in from 7:30am – 8:30am & flexible check-out from 3:30pm – 4pm. Add affordable Extended Camp until 6pm.”

When Was Camp Founded?


Camp Activities and Facilities

Camp Activities?

Archery, Highly Themed Camp Sessions & Activities, Survival Skills, Fishing, Hiking.

Size of Cabins and/or Dormitories?

Cabins capable of holding 10 kids in each.

Indoor Or Outdoor Bathrooms?

Outdoor Bathrooms.

How Does Camp Serve Meals?

Family Style.

How Long is the Average Session?

Five Days.

Camp Proximity

Closest Major Cities and Driving Times:

Town of Sandy – 10 Mins.

Portland – 45 Mins.

Address and Phone Number of Outdoor Organization:

Trackers Portland

4617 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland, OR 97202

(503) 345-3312

Official Website Link:

Kids Packing List:

(Sent upon successful camp registration)

Other Helpful Links:

That’s A Wrap!

Hopefully, this breakdown provided some helpful insight into Camp Trackers (a part of Trackers Portland).  Every Camp or outdoor program endeavors to distinguish themselves as much as possible from the plethora of other available kids summer camps out there.  It is a lucky place for parents to find themselves in, to have such impacting options for their kids this summer.

If this is already surprising or overwhelming you a bit, check out our recent post on How to Choose the Right Kids Summer Camp Programs to see ALL of the different summer camp types out there.  We break it down and guide you on your first steps to sending your kids to summer camp.

Trackers Portland goes further than most camps to push the creativity even further, with their incredible array of developed kids and teen camp programs. 

With themed options like their Realms of Cascadia: Dragons Gate role-playing camps.  This summer camp option breaks the kids up into various guilds around camp, where they don their armor and train to work together.

Their programs even feature a Camp Z: Zombie Overnight themed camp and an Outdoor Leadership: Wilderness Skills Guide camp.

These programs are well developed with a committed staff culture that will wear any costume, jump into any activity, and passionately engage in the camp themes for the best adventures for your kids.  Their incredible imaginations will take care of the rest!  I can’t imagine how excited the kids must get in the lead up to the first day of these camp programs.

Trackers Portland strives for the greatest impact in their local communities as well.  In addition to kids summer camps, they also offer after-school care, teen camps, winter camps, and pre-school camp options.

We know it can be tough trying to understand the nuts and bolts of a camp.  And we’ll continue to dig for the essential camp info for our wonderful camp parents.  Have a great time preparing your young camper for their unforgettable outdoor adventure!

“You can leave Camp but Camp never seems to leave you.”

– Former Camper and Counselor

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