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“Big Things Often Have Small Beginnings.”

The Importance of Summer Camp and other Unplugged Adventures

The world is not limited to the confines of a digital screen.  The moments of true empowerment are found in the deep blue of the ocean, the summit of a majestic sentinel, and in our glimpses of the delicate wildlife under the swaying canopy of an old forest.  The world is found and realized in those brief moments of awe and wonder.  Today it is the wonderful world of kids camps that provides many of these moments.

Camp also plays a major role in developing the kids confidence, sense of independence, and their ability to work within a team of peers. 

It has been one of the luckiest privileges of my life to have served so many thousands of kids in my career thus far.  I have had the opportunity to experience Camp through many different lenses – as a counselor, lead instructor, program director, assistant camp director, and as a sales & marketing director.

I find that my Heart is always yearning for opportunities to impact this world in the most substantial way possible.  We need more kids outside in today’s fast-paced world; taking those moments to appreciate the wondrous breath of the life and nature around us. 

How Do We Get More Kids Outside?

But how do we guide more parents and kids to those impacting moments?  It is a question that has riddled us throughout time.  The only thing that has changed is the actual context in relation to the time.  And in today’s world, it is the advent of the internet and the rapidly-evolving technology landscape that has developed with it.

It took me a moment to realize the full extent of this impact and it’s relation to Kids Camps.  For a long time, I was working within a mind-set of making whatever Camp I was working for at the time the best it can possibly be.  Sounds like a reasonable enough thought and certainly not anything to cast any kind of negativity towards.  But over the years, this mind-set developed into a silo-way of thinking; believing that my Camp was the only choice.  My job eventually became a matter of amplifying that one Camp as much as possible to our local communities in an attempt to nullify others. 

The problem with that mentality is that it doesn’t serve and embrace the best aspects of Camp.  And if we all engage in that kind of intent, then all we are doing is constantly trying to build a bigger and better boat to out-do each other. 

We are not competing with each other anymore.  We are all striving for the kids’ attention, for their time and willingness to engage positively at Camp.  We are really competing against Netflix, Fortnight, Playstations, and the other myriad of digital entertainment options that will draw their time away. 

Making Kids Camps More Accessible.

With this in mind, I started to ask the questions, “How do we raise awareness for all Camps?  How do we find more parents and kids?”

Children Running Ahead On Family Hiking Adventure

The online landscape for Kids Camps right now is a confusing one for parents. Local camps dominate the search results as every camp jostles for the best positioning. Within this mass amplification of individual camps, most new parents find themselves lost in all of it. Time is a valuable aspect of their busy lives. They want to send their kids on these adventures, but often don’t have the time to browse through and take a closer look at the multitude of different camps.

I did find a handful of nation-wide search websites for camps for kids. I have since dedicated a fair amount of time to determine the accuracy and relevancy of those search websites. I was woefully disappointed. I felt in my Heart that parents and kids deserve better.

I found it especially disappointing that financial aid was not only missing in the search options but was only shown as info on one of the searches. Every kid deserves an unplugged adventure at camp, and so many parents rely on this incredible generosity.

Introducing Our KCE Kids Camp Search!

I now feel that I have found the answers to those questions.  We were extremely proud to recently launch our Kids Camp Search.  It is not only the search experience that I wanted for parents, it also holds accuracy and relevancy as its key priorities.  This will ensure that parents can easily and quickly find the right Camps for their kids and teens, all in one place! 

Our Camp Profiles cut right through the fluff and concentrate the essential details for parents.  I am so excited for this journey as we look to build out the entire country in the near future.  Every kid deserves an unplugged adventure at Camp, and every parent is giving a life-changing gift to make that experience happen.  It is an immense privilege to support that purpose, and to provide that little piece of additional help to make it happen.

Thank You for reading this, and for your contribution in turning these experiences into reality for the kids! 

Empowering Kids Today For A Better Tomorrow!

Young father and son spending time together in the forest

That’s A Wrap!

Hopefully this post on the origin of our Kids Camp Search is helpful, insightful, and enjoyable for you.  It started as all good things do, from passion and the need to solve a problem.  Have a great time preparing your young camper for their unforgettable camp adventures!

“You can leave Camp, but Camp never seems to leave you.” 

– Former Camper

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