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This week, our Kids Camping Breakdown takes us to Northern California!

Kennolyn Camps

Who Owns The Camp or Program:

Privately Owned

Camp Values Statement

Taken directly from their website:

Making a Positive Impact

As a family owned and operated camp for over 70 years, values and traditions are an important part of the Kennolyn Camps experience.  Our camps motivate children to embrace new experiences, develop a stronger sense of self and make their own critical choices within healthy boundaries.

We believe in the power of the camp experience. We see its transformational potential every summer. We recognize that in order to successfully partner with parents, it is important that our philosophy is laid out for you clearly.

We strive for everyone to feel a sense of belonging. We all know how great it is to be wanted, to be recognized. Campers here get that feeling of being a part of something special. Kennolyn is their very special place.

We believe that non-parental adults are critical to a child’s development (a quick Google search will offer a variety of papers on the subject). Therefore, camp is an important place because we are able to surround children with caring adults that can fill this important developmental role.

We know how much trust it takes for parents to send their children away to camp. There is not a day where we do not recognize the enormity of this and it guides what we do.

Kids deserve a time and place where fun is the main objective. We have structure and guidelines and behavior is regulated but it is all done with the underlying idea that we are here to have fun together.

Since 1946, Kennolyn has been a family owned camp where kids build lifelong friendships, unplug from technology, and explore the world around them. We focus on fostering emotional, social and physical growth in each camper, while embracing the power of fun, play and adventure.”

When Was The Camp or Program Founded?


Camp Activities and Facilities

Camp Activities?

Animal Care, Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Batting Cages, BMX Biking, Carpentry, Ceramics, Climbing, Arts & Crafts, Dance, Diving, Equestrian, Fashion Design, Fencing, Science Lessons, Golf, Guitar, Cooking, LEGO Builders & Robotics, Ropes Course, Riflery, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball

Size of Cabins and/or Dormitories?

Cabins capable of sleeping up to 8 kids in each.

Indoor Or Outdoor Bathrooms?

Outdoor Bathrooms.

How Does Camp Serve Meals?

Family Style.

How Long Is The Average Session?

1 to 2 weeks

Camp Proximity

Santa Cruz Location

Closest Major Cities and Driving Times:

Santa Cruz – 20 minutes

San Jose – 1 hour

San Francisco – 2 hours

Address and Phone Number of Camp:

8400 Glen Haven Rd, Soquel, CA 95073

(831) 479 6714

Huntington Lake Location

Closest Major Cities and Driving Times:

Fresno – 2 hours

San Jose – 4 hours

Address and Phone Number of Camp:

60900 La Salle Avenue, Lakeshore, CA 93634

(831) 479 6714 x 447

Official Website Link:

Parent Packet for Santa Cruz:

Parent Packet for Huntington Lake:

That’s A Wrap!

Hopefully, this breakdown provided some helpful insight into Kennolyn Camps.  They have maintained a proud tradition of service since 1946!  That is an incredible legacy of impact for hundreds of thousands of kids that is still being maintained today.

We know it can be tough trying to understand the nuts and bolts of a camp.  And we’ll continue to dig for the essential camp info for our wonderful camp parents.  Have a great time preparing your young camper for their unforgettable outdoor adventure!

“Camp is the first place people liked me for being me.”

– Former Camp Counselor

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